Greenshift Leaflet Distribution Service
Community,Creative Arts, Personal Development, Health. Tel: 07905 777 215

Thank you for enquiring about our distribution network of nearly 15 years standing.

We have our own specially made LEAFLET DISPLAY STANDS IN MANY EVENTS & VENUES (click to view) in the 'alternative' sector (Festivals & events, health food shops, alternative health  & Green centres & book shops).We also supply other  community centres & organisations with these stands -  please enquire . ...

The total number of venues we network at the moment is between 300 & 2000 plus ( depending on type of leaflet & your requirements ) .Every leaflet is different & we target them very carefully ; ie some will be suitable for any venue ( libraries, community cafes , cinemas etc that we cover through 2000 plus sister locations in a London wide community network click to view ) but some will be strictly for o nly the Alternative, Green or Esoteric field )

We are happy to give you some appropriate venue detail addresses or a statistical breakdown of targeted geographical or types of venues but our total venue address list is not available for security reasons ( ie in the past "cowboys " have dumped their flyers in our stands without paying & covering up our own clients flyers ) , though most Alternative Londoners are aware of our presence in many high profile or local venues. These venues are maintained and restocked by our own distributors' personal visits, some more often than others, depending on how busy the venue is.

We cover 19 LONDON BOROUGHS & have recently established an extensive ( appx 50 venues) presence in GLASTONBURY & we also cover various FESTIVALS , EXHIBITIONS & FAIRS in London & Glastonbury ( see events link) . We also have set up a reciprocal postal arrangement with the FINDHORN FOUNDATION.

Runs (London Wide or Local Area targeting)
As a rule 1000 leaflets covers appx 40 visits (depending on their bulk or content), so 2000 will cover appx 80 visits and so on. The prices quoted below are for exposure in the venue stands for 8 weeks.After that time any leaflets left over & still current are circulated to other general access outlets where there is room & they are appropriate. .

Our Central & Greater London run routes are ongoing and take approximately 30 working days to cover the whole of London ( this excludes Christmas & Easter holiday periods & also many venues are closed over the high Summer holiday period). During each month we also cover our 'hot spots' runs, i.e. selected busiest venues, mostly in Central London on a weekly & fortnightly basis.. We do a major Glastonbury visit 3 times a year with regular top ups in between. We also send appropriate items on a regular basis up to the Findhorn Foundation through our special reciprocal agreement with them .

IMPORTANT: FORWARD PLANNING. Our stands can get very full some months so you need to plan ahead well. If you are advertising a specific event (i.e. dated) we recommend you let us have your literature for Greater London at least 12 weeks before the event advertised.
EMERGENCY LEAFLETS ( i.e. with an imminent dated event )
We would normally only take up to 2000 leaflets; at least 4 weeks in advance of an event is advisable ,but the best possible coverage will be given depending on the amount of time and of leaflets available..

Distribution Prices
Standard leaflet rate DL (i.e. A4 folded twice) and A5 leaflets - both up to appx max 135gsm paper weight is £70 per 1000 leaflets. Please note: WE HAVE MORE CAPACITY TO DISPLAY A ' DL' FORMAT LEAFLET, SO IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE, WE WOULD RECOMMEND THAT FORMAT. Every time you use the service for any one single run there is an administration fee of £45 so therefore the standard rate is as below :
First 1000 leaflets = £70 (+ £45 admin fee = £115)
2000 = £185, 3000 = £255 etc..

Special request locally target areas - add 30%

Non-standard size or weight material ( ie bulky loads - booklets, magazines) - prices on request.

Posters - £ 35 for 50 (max size A3).

Payment is either by cheque payable to "Greenshift Communications" ( which should be placed IN AN ENVELOPE PLEASE INSIDE THE BOX OF LEAFLETS ) or if the leaflets are coming direct from the printer you can send a cheque to our office ( address supplied on request)

Or for more speed you can pay by BACS through your bank ( details also supplied on request )


Sending your leaflets to us (we do not collect from you) - to address below

" Greenshift "

Bradbury Centre, 79 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

Nearest Tube Bethnal Green ( Central Line). Buses 254, 106, D6
( Open Mon-Sun 9-5 )  

The Post Office/Parcel Force – we have found to be often unreliable so we  recommend that you use one of the many alternatives ( are good ) which usually cost no more than the Post Office..

Also recommended London Bike Courier, Nick Barber tel. 020-7609 3367.

( Please let us know when you have dropped your item off).  

LARGE DELIVERIES i.e. MORE THAN 6 standard ( A4 x 9" high ) boxes GO TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS - please enquire

SO FOR MORE THAN 6 boxes PLEASE PHONE FIRST on 07905 777 215


Leaflet sizes and Design
We display only standard size leaflets i.e. A5 & DL (A4 folded twice) We cannot normally accommodate a flat A4 format in our stands.

Notes on your Own Leaflet Design and Layout
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you bear this in mind when you use our system. Our stands have been specially designed to hold standard size leaflets for your best exposure and therefore a good response for you. We advise that the operative/most important wording should be, so to speak, your PRODUCT i.e. the public want to know what you are offering, be it Yoga or a Reflexology course etc. This should be your main title (not your name or telephone number or even dates - they will make a note of this when they have the leaflet in their hand) - YOUR PRODUCT is the information that should have the GREATEST IMPACT - remember, people scan the leaflets in the stand very quickly so your title lettering should be as large and as clear as possible and WITHIN THE TOP ONE AND A HALF INCHES  (1.5") OF YOUR LEAFLET (as this is the part of leaflet that is exposed when it is in the stand).

We are happy to give you FREE advice on other aspects of your leaflet layout and design. We normally like to look at your artwork before final printing as there are many small aspects and details that we cannot go into here that could be important to the effectiveness of your leaflet. This simple check is usually very problem free and quick and can be completed over the telephone and/or letter (TELEPHONE 07905 777 215 FIRST IF FORWARDING ARTWORK ) and has proved to be an effective way of achieving a successful leaflet.


WE HAVE SOME VERY GOOD FULL COLOUR printing rate offers from YOUR OWN ART DIGITAL WORK as a PDF please - ie

A5  flyers :- 135 gsm gloss paper, full colour, both sides printed
Minimum 3000  flyers  = £115 ( at £38 per 1000)
 5000 = £175, ( add on £25 per 1000)
 10,000 = £275  ( add on £20 per 1000)
(or any amount in between)

DL Trifold leaflets :- 135 gsm gloss paper, full colour, both sides printed
Minimum 3000  flyers =  £165 ( at £55 per 1000)
 5000 = £235 (add on £35 per 1000)
 10,000 = £385 ( add on £30 per 1000 )
(or any amount in between)

If your artwork needs adjusting for the printer there may be an appropriate small admin fee added.These prices are not subject to Vat in most circumstances. More info please ask .

We also offer - offset litho old style printing from your own Art work . Approximate prices below: These rates are for usually black type on 80gsm white or pale colour tinted copy paper. Special colour paper or heavier weight paper or coloured type ink, please ask. ANY ½ TONE or PHOTOS = £30 per A4 side extra. If your artwork needs adjusting for the printer there may be an appropriate small admin fee added. These prices are not subject to Vat in most circumstances. More info please ask

First 1000
Subsequent 1000
DL (A4 Trifold) single sided print
DL (A4, Trifold) double sided print
Min 2000
Subsequent 1000
A5 single sided print
A5 double sided print


WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE MATERIAL (since we display in many public and civic venues we must be sensitive to local borough requirements. Also we wish to have a balance of items and services displayed). Fortunately this occurrence is rare.

Disclaimer: We always endeavour to get your leaflets out in the stated time however due to occasional occurances beyond our control, i.e. dangerous weather conditions for driving, venue closure, occasional vehicle breakdown or driver sickness, print machine breadkdown (that is if you use our printers), sometimes delays are unavoidable. All reasonable compensation will be made via extended and/or alternative exposure in that event

We believe the essential information you need is here. If you read it carefully this will ensure that our subsequent telephone conversations are confined to enquiries not covered here or problems you may have.

Telephone Enquiries: 07905 777 215

Assuring you of our best attention at all times